How much are strawberry plants?

Answer In a garden centre they should cost 1-2 pounds like in homebase they cost 99p ask someone if your not sure

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How much sun do strawberry plants need?

Strawberry plants need full sun. This generally means at least 6 hours of direct light in a 24-hour period. Plant them in the evening or on a cloudy day, however, as this gives the plants a chance ... Read More »

Varieties of Strawberry Plants?

Strawberries make an excellent choice for any home garden since they produce fruit so quickly. Each strawberry plant will produce approximately one quart of fruit and 25 plants will usually produce... Read More »

Do caterpillars eat strawberry plants?

Caterpillars do eat strawberry plants. There is a caterpillar known as strawberry leafroller, which is small and green or brown and can grow underneath the leaves. It rolls the leaves and feeds on ... Read More »

The Reproduction of Strawberry Plants?

Strawberry plants are small, herbaceous perennials. Each plant consists of five essential anatomical structures: the crown, root system, leaves, runners and daughter plants. The crown is a short st... Read More »