How much are Forever Stamps in WI?

Answer As of June 2010, a United States "Forever Stamp" costs 44 cents in Wisconsin and all of the U.S. Once purchased, Forever Stamps will always be sufficient postage to mail a first-class, one-ounce le... Read More »

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How much are old stamps worth?

Collectors apply different values to old stamps, depending on several factors. The worth of an old stamp is partially determined by demand. Another source of value is in how many of the old stamps ... Read More »

How much are postage stamps in the U.S.?

The price of a postage stamp for a first-class letter went up to 44 cents in May, 2009; this price is valid as of November 2009. Postage stamps made their debut in the United States in 1847. In 186... Read More »

How much can I get in food stamps?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsFood stamps are a critical resource for low-income individuals and families throughout the United States. According to the United States Department of Agriculture--w... Read More »

How much are postcard stamps?

As of May 2010, U.S. postcard stamps cost 28 cents apiece and can be used on postcards that measure no more than 6 inches long, 4 1/4 inches high and 0.016 inch thick. Larger postcards cost 44 cent... Read More »