How much are speeding tickets in Indiana?

Answer The fine for speeding in Indiana depends on how much the speed limit was exceeded and in what county the violation occurred. Generally, 1 to 15 mph over is around $129; 16 to 25 mph over is $169; 2... Read More »

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I get speeding tickets plz help!!!?

Grow up or sell your car. People like you cause accidents.

How many speeding tickets have you had?

2 window tint tickets, 0 speeding tickets

How much are speeding tickets in New Jersey?

The fines for speeding tickets in New Jersey are generally less than $300. Also, there may be additional fees if points are put on the driver's MVC record.Source:The Redlich Law Firm

How much are speeding tickets in georgia?

A speeding ticket in Georgia costs a maximum of $1000 and may include up to 12 months in jail and a license suspension of no more than 12 months.Source:Summary Table of State Speed LawsTraffic Safety