Wheres the cheapest place to buy short gray uggs?

Answer You CAN'T find UGGS at cheap prices unless they are fake. Store that have them: Lord and Taylor (if you live in the north), Journeys, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks, the UGG Austral... Read More »

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Which is worth it Fuggs (Fake Uggs) or Uggs?

There really are no such things as "Fuggs" and I will explain why. The word UGG boots discribes a STYLE of SHEEPSKIN footwear and NOT a particular BRAND.Ug Ugh Ugly and Ugg are ALL simply "GENERIC"... Read More »

Why do girls love UGGS so much?

Don't worry, I used to hate them too. I thought they were atrocious, until I got a pair of fake ones about two weeks ago. Girls love them because of how comfortable they are, not to mention warm.... Read More »

By how much should you low-ball a short sale?

On One Hand: Don't Overpay For a HouseHome buyers naturally want to pay the lowest possible price to buy a home. If the home is a short sale, that can be especially tempting for the buyer to make a... Read More »

How Much Do You Charge to Conduct a Short Sale?

Many real estate agents don't charge any upfront fees for a short sale. However, they can implement cancellation fees. Their fees are established in the closing costs. Lenders can charge any rate t... Read More »