How much are seedless green grapes normally p/kg in Australia?

Answer Depends on the season. In late Summer Feb/Mar when table grapes are in season usually about $2 a kilo for good quality, where as now you could pay $6 or more for them and they are probably imported... Read More »

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Where is the seed in seedless grapes?

seedless grapes are produced from cuttings grafted on to a surrogate plant the cuttings grow the fruit without the seeds.

How do they grow seedless grapes.?

The grape vines are selectively breed over a long period.For instance you find a vine that has no seeds due to freak of nature and take graftings from it and produce more until it becomes an establ... Read More »

How to Grow Thompson Seedless Grapes?

Grape growing is becoming a big backyard hobby. If you produce a harvest of grapes you can make jam, jelly, juice or even wine. The Thompson seedless grape is one of the varieties that is readily a... Read More »

How to Make Red Seedless Grapes Sweet?

Grapes grown in the home garden can be used for jam, pie, wine, juice or eaten fresh. Some varieties of grape vines produce nearly 20 lbs. of fruit a year, and grape vines produce fruit for up to 4... Read More »