How much are postage stamps in the U.S.?

Answer The price of a postage stamp for a first-class letter went up to 44 cents in May, 2009; this price is valid as of November 2009. Postage stamps made their debut in the United States in 1847. In 186... Read More »

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How much are Michigan postage stamps?

The cost of a standard postage stamp in the state of Michigan is 44 cents. The price of stamps was increased from 42 to 44 cents on May 11, 2009. Customers can also purchase Forever stamps for 44 c... Read More »

How much were postage stamps in 1992?

In 1992, postage stamp rates began at 29 cents per oz., and for each additional oz., 23 cents was required. Postcards cost 19 cents to mail. These rates began February 3, 1991 and were not increa... Read More »

How much were postage stamps in 1900?

The price of postage stamps in 1900, in the U.S. varied from 1 cent to $2. Postage varies by weight, destination (domestic vs. international) and other factors. A first-class stamp cost 2 cents fo... Read More »

How much does a roll of postage stamps cost?

As of June 2010, a roll of first-class postage stamps from the United States Postal Service costs $44. This includes 100 stamps at 44 cents apiece. You can also purchase 44-cent stamps in rolls of ... Read More »