How much are pink diamond engagement rings?

Answer Pink diamond engagement rings cost $300 and up. The size, shape and clarity of the diamond affect the cost. Loose diamonds can start at $325. The more diamonds in the ring, the more expensive it is... Read More »

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Do diamond engagement rings retain their value?

When purchasing a diamond ring, you are paying for the value of the diamond and a profit for the jeweler. The initial investment made may be less than the diamond is actually worth. However, diamon... Read More »

What is the highest flawless diamond for engagement rings?

Truly flawless diamonds are extremely rare. Although the Gemological Institute of America recognizes a "flawless" grade for clarity, the next grade down, "internally flawless," also represents a d... Read More »

How much do engagement rings cost?

When a man proposes to a woman--or, in some cases, a woman proposes to a man, there's usually a shiny silver or gold bauble involved: the engagement ring. Whether you're looking for a cubic zirconi... Read More »

How Much Should Engagement Rings Cost?

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