How much are old stamps worth?

Answer Collectors apply different values to old stamps, depending on several factors. The worth of an old stamp is partially determined by demand. Another source of value is in how many of the old stamps ... Read More »

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Are stamps worth anything?

While current U.S. stamps are worth their face value, the catalog price for most stamps is usually just a few cents. However, collectors will pay a lot of money for examples that are rare because o... Read More »

Are my old foreign stamps worth anything?

On One Hand: Old Foreign Stamps Can Be ValuableThe value of an old foreign stamp can vary widely depending on such factors as type and rarity. The 1856 one-cent British Guyana, or British Guiana, s... Read More »

Are canceled stamps worth anything?

Canceled stamps -- stamps that have been used -- are almost always worth less than the same stamps in mint condition. That doesn't mean, however, that such stamps are worthless. Other factors, such... Read More »

How much are Canadian postal stamps worth?

Canadian stamps can be worth anywhere from $4 to many thousands of dollars. The first Canadian stamp, the 1851 Beaver stamp, is worth $725. The George Washington 24-cent stamp is worth between $1,0... Read More »