How much are my baseball coins worth?

Answer Similar to baseball cards, baseball-themed coins have an interesting niche in the sports collectibles market. The popularity of such coins peaked in the 1960s, and only a few carry great monetary v... Read More »

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What coins are worth the most?

A coin's rarity and condition, along with public demand, usually determine how much the coin is worth. Mint coins made of precious metals, such as silver and gold, in rare circulation are generally... Read More »

How do I find out how much coins are worth?

Coin collecting is a profitable hobby. You may come across coins that could potentially earn you thousands of dollars and not realize it. Many rare coins are still in circulation, being used at fac... Read More »

How much are my Mexican coins worth?

Mexican coins vary widely in their valuation. Circulating Mexican coins are generally worth only their face value in pesos. Many, but not all, older Mexican coins--including pre-independence ones--... Read More »

Are my old notes&coins worth anything?

On One Hand: Face Value or LessMost old coins and notes are worth face value or less. In countries outside the U.S., the money may be worthless because the country no longer uses it, according to I... Read More »