How much are 3rd generation ipods?

Answer it depends 8gb is 179.99 the 32 is 279.99 and the 64 is 379.99

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I have gone through 4 ipods in the last year, how can i stop this habit of losing/breaking/stealing my ipods?

super glue the earphones to your head :) or you could make sure you KNOW not think but KNOW where it is at all times. or have a special spot you put it everytime at home. and don't bring it to scho... Read More »

How much did iPods cost in 2007?

According to the Internet archive website Archive's database of historical Web pages, Apple's online store listed the starting price of iPods at U.S. $249 for a 30-gigabyte model on January 1, 2007... Read More »

Well ... Ipods ... do you know much about them?

Depends what one you get. I have a 60GB Ipod Classic and they are brilliant. You can fit thousands of songs on there and you can also have audio books, photos and movies. I think that personally th... Read More »

Why do people like Ipods so much and hate Zune?

The basically the same thing just in different packages and different software. The serve the same purpose but just look different. Of course there are those who support the ipod as there are those... Read More »