How much are insurance premiums for a pediatrician?

Answer There isn't an acruate way to answer this, there are too many variable, (ie amount of coverage needed, underwriting risks etc), contact a good agent and they will be able to assist you with a quote.

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Can an employer offer the same insurance to employees but fully cover the premiums for some and require others to pay half of the premiums?

Answer No, if they are similiary situated individuals. It could be done by class - say management vs. salariedFor more details Read More »

How much do companies pay for worker's comp insurance premiums yearly?

The base rate of workers' compensation insurance is calculated per each $100 of employee payroll. However, policy costs vary by state and rates are calculated based on multiple factors, including ... Read More »

How much will insurance premiums go up for a ticket for failing to stop at a red light in North Carolina?

You will have to contact your agent or companies policy services dept for this answer, sorry.

How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums Using Insurance Price Quotes?

This article will take you through the process of lowering your insurance premiums through the use of insurance price quotes.