How much are ice sculptures?

Answer An inexpensive, homemade ice sculpture can cost as little as $12 if you use a gelatin mold to make it yourself. Typical ice sculptures cost between $300 and $500. A small, tabletop sculpture can co... Read More »

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What to Know About Art and Sculptures?

If you've ever been caught unprepared in conversation with an art connoisseur, you know what it's like to want to yell, "I don't know -- I just like it!" Or worse: You hated it but didn't have the ... Read More »

How to Carve Ice Sculptures?

An ice sculpture is formed strictly from ice. This means the end result does not have a long life expectancy and must be enjoyed for only a brief time. Ice sculptures are often found at weddings, g... Read More »

Uses of Gypsum Sculptures?

Gypsum is a common sulphate mineral, also known as hydrated calcium sulphate. The material is used to obtain plaster of Paris and white Portland cement. Gypsum may be used to make sculptures, being... Read More »

The Best Snow Sculptures?

Unlike timeless sculptures like Lady Justice and the Venus de Milo, the vast majority of snow sculptures must be re-envisioned and recreated each winter. While this makes it difficult to come up wi... Read More »