How much are green eye contacts?

Answer In 2009, a box of green colored contact lenses will cost approximately $25 to $35, depending on the source ordered from, the prescription level and any special conditions (such as astigmatism). The... Read More »

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Green contacts on green eyes?

It sounds like we have the same coloured eyes naturally. I love coloured contacts- they are so fun. I tried almost every colour: honey, gray, green, blue, purple, and aqua/turqouise. Honey, gray, a... Read More »

Hazel or Green contacts?

lol that's a great picture. o_0If you're definitely set on getting colored contacts, my advice would be hazel. Green is beautiful, but hazel can reflect the color of any top you're wearing. If y... Read More »

How much are contacts?

Contact costs vary greatly based on product categories, such as toric or bifocal lenses. Basic Acuvue lenses start at around $23 for a six-count box, while Acuvue Bifocal lenses cost around $45 for... Read More »

How much are colored contacts?

Colored contact lenses can range anywhere from about $20 to more than $100. You can buy several popular brands from contact lens manufacturers for $30 to $50. Prices vary depending on the depth of... Read More »