If I plug the power supply wire of my laptop into my electric razor will I be able to send e-mails on my razor?

Answer Might cope with "Hairmail".

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Are electric scooters legal?

Electric scooters--that is to say, motorized versions of Razor-type push scooters--are generally legal, if only because many states have yet to properly classify them as either bicycles or motorize... Read More »

Can you ride electric scooters in Montana?

You can ride electric scooters in Montana. The use of such a vehicle requires a Montana driver's license. To obtain a license, you must be at least 16 years old or 15 years old with driver educatio... Read More »

Are electric scooters legal on the roads?

Electric scooters are not street-legal in all states. Georgia, for example, does not allow them on roads. Most states require the operator to have a valid driver's license and to obey all rules of ... Read More »

Are electric scooters illegal in Illinois?

The St. Charles Police Department clarifies Illinois law on electric scooters by stating that they require the same driver's license, insurance, lighting and registration as any motor vehicle, even... Read More »