How much are eBay fees?

Answer Auction website eBay charges its sellers a variety of fees that change based on the situation. All sellers can list auction-style listings less than or equal to 99 cents for free. Fees are charged ... Read More »

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How do I calculate eBay fees?

Review eBay's fee structure and determine the price that you plan to start your auction and the estimated amount that your auction will finish at in its conclusion. If you start your listing betwee... Read More »

How do I calculate fees on eBay?

Visit eBay's fee page (see References) to calculate the fee for your listing. The fee will depend on the amount that the auction starts at and the amount that your item sells for (known as the fina... Read More »

How to Reduce eBay Fees?

When you sell items on eBay, you are charged a variety of different fees by eBay in exchange for using their website to host the sale of your items. The types of fees you will pay as a seller on eB... Read More »

Will a prepaid reloadable credit card work for eBay fees?

You can use a reloadable credit card to pay your eBay seller fees. However, eBay will verify the address connected to the prepaid credit card, so the details associated with the card must match you... Read More »