How much are digital camera retail sales?

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Is retail sales tax the same as provincial sales tax?

Retail sales tax is the tax imposed on a sale of tangible property or a sale of a service in the U.S. It is paid to the seller by the consumer at the time of purchase. The seller gives the tax to t... Read More »

Retail Sales Job Description?

Department stores and specialty outlets like motorcycle shops use retail sales people. Retail sales people can work as a group like in a furniture store or be separated by specific departments, suc... Read More »

Ontario Retail Sales Tax Act?

The Ontario Retail Sales Tax Act directs vendors to collect taxes on the sale of goods and services in the province. Personal property, alcohol and insurance are classified as taxable under the act... Read More »

How much is retail sales tax in Ontario?

According to the Ontario Ministry of Revenue, the general retail sales tax rate for that province is 8 percent. However, since July 2010, the province levies a Harmonized Sales Tax of 13 percent, w... Read More »