How much are concrete blocks?

Answer The cost of concrete blocks depends on the type of blocks and your location. For example, in Orange County, California, a 6-by-8-by-16-inch standard gray block costs 83 cents. A tan slump box of ... Read More »

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How much do concrete blocks weigh?

To determine the weight of a concrete block without actually weighing it, you must determine its volume. Measure the length of all three sides and multiply them together, giving the measurement in ... Read More »

How much do concrete blocks cost?

How much concrete mix is needed to fill cinder blocks?

One cubic yard of concrete mix will fill approximately 74 cinderblocks, assuming the typical cinderblock has two six-inch-deep openings, each measuring five inches across and eight inches long. Tha... Read More »

How to Lay Concrete Blocks?

The steps to lay concrete blocks are quite simple but with some additional tips you can do a much better job while also making this basic task even easier. It is essential to use materials that sui... Read More »