How much are collectors willing to pay for a vintage Barbie doll?

Answer The value of a vintage Barbie doll is subjective depends on: age, condition, rarity, current popularity and the individual collector. Prices can range from $10 to thousands of dollars. If you have ... Read More »

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How much money do garbage collectors make?

A garbage collector's annual salary will vary depending on his location. As of 2010, a sanitation worker with five years' experience can expect to make anywhere from $40,000 to $70,000 each year.So... Read More »

How much is a 1989 dale earnhardt stock car&collectors card worth?

Depending on condition, a 1989 Dale Earnhardt stock car and collectors card from Racing Champions is worth from $10 to $60, based on recent selling prices on eBay, the Internet auction site. A set ... Read More »

Poll: If there was a shortage of Coffee. How much would you be willing to pay for it?

I'm so much a junkie I roast my own.My favorite is the Bolivian FTO Cenaproc (new crop available at the end of March!), which costs around six dollars U.S. a pound, including shipping.I could easil... Read More »

Anyone willing to pay this much amount of money for these following foods/drinks Details inside->?

No way, not even if I had all the money in the world! I think it's ridiculous that people pay $1000 for an omelet or a sundae while there are millions of people dying from starvation in the world..... Read More »