How much are clear ceramic braces?

Answer The average cost of ceramic orthodontic braces, including the clear or tooth-colored types, runs about $5,900 for all necessary parts and adjustments. Ceramic braces add about $500 to the cost of t... Read More »

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Clear braces or metal braces what should i get?

Many orthadontist don't recomend invisiline cuz it keep bateria close to the teeth and some times causes problems also it does take in your saliva that can be tinted with a drink or something you a... Read More »

How to Look Good in Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are the brackets that are the same size and shape as metal brackets but are "tooth" colored to blend in more. Ceramic braces can be a great alternative to metal braces/ clear braces ... Read More »

How Much Do Ceramic Braces Cost?

The cost of ceramic braces is usually about $500 more than metal braces. Prices can vary depending on location, age and the orthodontist you choose. In 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia, full orthodontic ca... Read More »

Metal vs. Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic are about the same price as metal, right now I have ceramic and the prices were identical. The pain is also identical, one diesnt hurt more than the other. The ceramic look much nicer than ... Read More »