How to Care for Chinchillas?

Answer Baby ChinchillaChinchillas are adorable, gentle animals and need quite a bit of care. If they were handled since birth, they will be tame and docile. They make a great pet but are delicate so shoul... Read More »

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How to Breed Chinchillas?

Have you ever wanted to breed chinchillas? With a little planning and knowledge, this can be a fun and exciting project.

How to Tell if My Female Chinchillas Are in Heat?

Chinchillas are small rodents known for their soft, silky fur and constant chewing behavior. They can be kept as pets and bred, but they do not always have a friendly demeanor. Once they trust you,... Read More »

Can you potty train chinchillas?

On One Hand: Chinchillas are not easily trained.Chinchillas, unlike their rat and hamster counterparts, do not always respond to training techniques. According to Low Country Chinchillas, a breeder... Read More »

Are male or female chinchillas larger?

The female chinchilla is usually slightly larger than the male chinchilla. This is the case in both the chinchilla lanigera species and the chinchilla brevicaudata species of this native South Amer... Read More »