How much are children's braces?

Answer Although the cost of braces for children will vary depending on the severity of the orthodontic work required and the length of time the braces are needed, braces typically cost about $4,000 in tot... Read More »

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How much should adult braces cost NYU Dental School just quoted me $4000 and I think that's a bit much.?

I teach at a University orthodontic clinic - the fee you were quoted is almost the same as what we charge. You will find significant variation based on the type and length of treatment, as well as... Read More »

How much do braces cost?

Braces cost about $2000-$6600 depending on where you go

How much do braces hurt?

I would give them a 4-5.I didn't feel any tightness or pain the first few hours, I actually felt completely fine, minus the big chunk of metal I felt in my mouth. After a few hours (5-6), I started... Read More »

How much does it hurt to get braces?

I had braces and teeth out when I was younger, and I am now so glad I did. It is sometimes painful (esp when they are tightened) but well worth it. I also had a brace to make my mouth wider - that... Read More »