How much are cat collars?

Answer On One Hand: Normal Cat CollarShopping at your pet discount store will cost you anywhere from $3 to $9 for a collar that is mass manufactured and distributed widely. The quality of these collars is... Read More »

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How much do invisible fence collars cost?

The collars that go with invisible fences, which are designed to keep a pet from leaving the home, cost between $55 and $130 for each one. The batteries that power the collars cost between $5 and ... Read More »

Who invented dog collars?

Nobody really knows who invented the first dog collar, but no doubt it was used as a way to control the one of the first domesticated dogs. We do know that ancient Egyptians used collars on their d... Read More »

Are shock collars dangerous?

On One Hand: Shock Collars Block Blood FlowShock collars can cause permanent injury to a dog by blocking blood flow to the brain and initiating a stroke. If the dog is concentrating on something el... Read More »

Are shock collars safe?

On One Hand: Shock Collars Temporarily Cause PainShock collars are designed to communicate with invisible fences, or wires embedded in the ground. When a dog wearing the collar gets too close to it... Read More »