How much are braces without insurance?

Answer The price of braces depends on type, provider and locale. Per, traditional braces (ceramic or metal brackets) average $5,413 to $7,625 and Invisalign (clear plastic trays) ranges fro... Read More »

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Are braces covered by insurance can braces make your teeth appear bigger or longer?

Insurance doesn't cover braces and because u have small teeth u will get small brackets the dentist can fix your chipped tooth and over bites are easily fixed with braces. Your teeth will be straig... Read More »

Does Insurance Pay For Braces?

Depends on whether the dental plan includes orthodontics. To the best of my knowledge, the vast majority of dental plans do not cover braces unless there is a genuine medical necessity - meaning br... Read More »

How much will dental insurance pay toward braces?

Answer You need to check with your dental insurance carrier because different companies pay different amounts. Most will pay 50% of the total per child up to a maximum of $1500-$3000, depending o... Read More »

How Much Do Braces Cost With Dental Insurance?

Brace will cost between $1,800 and $5,000, and will vary depending on the area in which you reside. Some dental insurance company pay a percentage of orthodontic services, check with your insurance... Read More »