How much are belly button rings?

Answer Well considering no one makes "belly button rings", I would figure they would be very pricey. However Navel gems, Banana Bars and Captive Bead Rings are all affordable body jewellery items ranging ... Read More »

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How to Remove Belly Button Rings?

If you have a belly button ring, you can easily remove it on your own. Whether you're tired of having it and want it out for good, or you simply want to switch it out for a different ring, removing... Read More »

Can belly button rings be removed?

A navel, or commonly called belly button, ring is removable under certain circumstances. If the piercing is free of infection, is experiencing an allergic reaction to jewelry or it is past the heal... Read More »

How to Customize Belly Button Rings?

Belly button rings are all the rage with girls and women bold enough to display their midriffs. A hoop-shaped belly button ring is the easiest style to customize. You can dangle a wide variety of b... Read More »

Who invented belly button rings?

Belly button rings originated in ancient times; various tribes used the piercings to denote status, bravery and spiritual connections. In the 1970s, Jim Ward opened the first storefront piercing st... Read More »