How much are antique plates worth?

Answer Antique plates made from silver, bronze, glass, pottery and porcelain vary widely in price. Most antique plate collectors collect plates made of pottery and porcelain. The value of these plates var... Read More »

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How to Collect Antique Fish Plates?

Throughout history, fish have been an essential source of food as well as inspiration for various legends and folklore. Fish plates illustrating cultures' reverence for fish have been produced all ... Read More »

How to Collect Antique License Plates?

Collecting antique license plates has become so popular, there is an Automobile License Plate Collectors Association. Collecting license plates is a hobby that anyone (young or old) can do. It's ea... Read More »

What is an antique RCA Victrola worth?

The worth of an antique RCA Victrola depends on its model, serial number and finish. A qualified appraiser must also evaluate the product in person. There is no exact price guide because many varia... Read More »

How much is an antique sun mirror worth?

Antique sun mirrors can vary in price based on age, craftsmanship and the market in which they are being sold. That being said, you can purchase an antique, hand-carved sun mirror on eBay for aroun... Read More »