Are wiis restocked every week?

Answer The answer my friend is NO.As you know the most demanded console right now is the Nintendo Wii. It is in very very short supply all around the world. I'll give you several articles to prove this. C... Read More »

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Oww! Darn, my arm hurts... I got a broken bone in my right one. I am using my right hand to type right now.?

why don't you use your left hand to type if the right one is sore

Pain in right armpit, right side of my neck and right chestplz help?

How much is an iPhone 4s right now?

In the U.S. it is at $199 (16GB) $299 (32GB) $399 (64GB). I would recommend waiting about another month for the next one though. P.S. When the next one is released the price on the 4S should drop t... Read More »

Do you think 15% is to much to tip, if so what is right?

15% is satafactory service, you know nothing out of the odnary, your night was nice.20% if you got some extradnary service10% if there were a few problems nothing if your service was absoultly aful