How much are Oprah Winfrey Show tickets?

Answer Tickets to the Oprah Winfrey Show are free. The show has a reservation system in place to allocate tickets, because demand for audience tickets far outstrips the number that are available.Source:Op... Read More »

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How can you find out what Oprah Winfrey is going to give away to the audience on her Christmas Show this year 2007 Also is it too late to get tickets for that particular show?

Answer I have heard from an insider that cars will not be given away. There will be gift baskets with Oprah's favorite things. Also a few select audience members will get a vehicle based on need.

How do you get tickets to Oprah Winfrey Christmas show?

Britain's Got Talent and the X-Factor both hold audiences for singers.You should also consider taking conventional routes such as joining a singing class, starting a band and so on.Make sure to ask... Read More »

How can I get tickets to the Oprah Winfrey Christmas Show in 2008?

How can I get tickets to the Oprah Winfrey Christmas Show in 2009?

You're not able to get tickets to just any show. If you are able to get through the busy lines, and you obtained tickets you will not know what show it is until you get there. I tried for about 13 ... Read More »