How much are Old Timer Knives worth?

Answer For Old Timer Knives, a small one-bladed jackknife sold for $5 in 2009, and a Woodsman with a 9 1/2 inch blade and sheath sold for $50. Combination knives like the Woodsman, with clip, sheepfoot an... Read More »

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How much are old Gustav Emil Ern butcher knives worth?

The value of a vintage Gustav Emil Ern butcher knife will depend on the condition and the size of the knife. For example, a 19-inch knife cost about $44 and a 12-inch knife was around $43 at online... Read More »

Who made Old Timer Knives?

Old Timer Knives produced items like pocketknives and lock blades They were produced by the Imperial Schrade Corporation from 1904 to 2004. As of 2010, Taylor Brands LLC makes replica Old Timer Kni... Read More »

How much is sir Alan sugar worth worth?

My oven has an auto timer so it switches off,but will my bread continue to cook too much with the door shut?

Yes, it will continue to cook because the heat is still in the oven. Even when the oven is turned off the heat remains and dissipates gradually. I wouldn't leave the bread more than 5 minutes mor... Read More »