How much are Effanbee dolls worth?

Answer Children and collectors have valued Effanbee dolls since they were first manufactured around 1910. Many have survived nearly a hundred years and are now available in many price ranges depending on ... Read More »

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How much are vintage Barbie dolls worth?

Collecting vintage Barbie dolls is a popular hobby among toy enthusiasts, and the early Barbies are some of the most sought-after dolls on the market. Establishing a doll's worth can depend on many... Read More »

How much is sir Alan sugar worth worth?

How much are Cabbage Patch dolls?

Xavier Roberts and Debbie Morehead began making the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls in 1977. Eventually they bought an old hospital and opened Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia. At the 1982 a... Read More »

How much were barbie dolls sold for in 1959?

According to Fast Company, when Barbie came out in 1959, she originally sold for $3. One of these originals was auctioned off at $27,450 in 2006. As of April 2010, a Barbie Fashionistas Artsy Doll ... Read More »