How much and how often do you need to feed red worms?

Answer With the exclusion of dairy and meat products, most kitchen waste is acceptable food for red worms, including vegetable and fruit peelings, coffee grounds and egg shells. Red worm feeding frequency... Read More »

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How do i feed compost worms?

What to FeedCut up kitchen scraps such as vegetables, fruits, leftover cereal, rice or other grains, coffee filters, and pieces of cardboard into small chunks that are easier for red worms to begin... Read More »

What to Feed Red Worms to Increase Breeding?

Red worms are easy to raise in captivity. They adapt well to life in a bin or other restricted environment, they can withstand a wider range of temperatures than can many types of worms and they ar... Read More »

How to Feed Worm Farm Worms?

After you've built your worm farm, it's very important to know how to feed your worms properly so that they thrive and remain healthy. This article provides a quick rundown on the feeding aspect of... Read More »

How many live blood worms do you feed your betta?

Betta fish can eat a variety of live food, including blood worms, but it is important not to overfeed them. A safe number of small blood worms at feeding time--live or freeze-dried--is three or fou... Read More »