How much amount of RAM is greater-- 2GB or 1024MB?

Answer Each Gb is 1024 Mb. Therefore, 2 Gb is twice as much as 1024 Mb.Keep in mind that other issues may be responsible other than the amount of memory, such as the size and speed of your hard drive and... Read More »

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In digital photography if a camera has a greater amount of mega pixels does that mean better quality pictures.?

I'll vote with the NO people. While you obviously can't compare a 2 MP camera to a 10 MP camera, the difference between a 5 and a 6 MP camera might not work out the way you'd expect. You can't ev... Read More »

Does 1024mb = 1gb?

What are the advantages of having 1024MB of memory rather than 512MB?

think of it this way, imagine that you have a basket that can hold 512 books (yes this is pretend) and you need to move 1024 books from your room to your mom's room, it would take you TWO TRIPS to ... Read More »

Will cinema 4d run with amd radeon hd graphics and 1024mb ram...........?