How much amniotic fluid is in the amniotic sac?

Answer The most volume is typically toward the end of gestation and is around 800 - 1000 mL in normal pregnancies.

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Is this amniotic fluid leakingi had a sudden wet feeling and you went to the bathroom and nothing happened and the fluid has no smell to it?

It Protects The Baby Against Any Bump Or Damages To The Mother.SanjaySunjuu_Bunjuu!

Is amniotic fluid a ?

First - you are only going to have amniotic fluid, or an amniotic sac, if you are pregnant. It could be your urine, and certain foods,e tc. can change the color and smell. Second - how late is your... Read More »

Is it amniotic fluid?

you are just having an increase in dicharge. amniotic fluid usually leaks out more when you are laying down. when your water breaks you will know! some women only have trickle of amniotic fluid and... Read More »

What is the pH of amniotic fluid?

Answer Amniotic fluid has an alkaline pH (7.1 to 7.3) You may check out this website : Read More »