How much alfalfa pellets do you feed a 1300 lb. horse?

Answer The amount of alfalfa pellets you feed a 1300 lb. horse depends on whether it is easy-keeper, regular-keeper or hard-keeper. An easy-keeper requires between 19.5 lbs. because they maintain their we... Read More »

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How much is horse feed?

Horses are animals that require large amounts of food due to their size and work load. Horse feed costs vary considerably depending on the quality of feed and location of the feed supplier.Daily Ro... Read More »

How much feed do you give a 900-lb. horse?

According to the North Dakota State University Agriculture and University Extension, horses can eat from 1.5 to 2.5 percent of their body weight each day in forage and grain. A 900-lb. horse would ... Read More »

How much acreage is required to feed a horse?

The acreage required to feed a horse varies based upon how much the individual horse needs to eat and how much grass the pasture produces. As a general rule, owners should plan on the horse eating ... Read More »

How much do you feed an 8-month-old female horse?

The amount of feed required for an 8-month-old female horse is based on weight, activity and breed. Most horses consume 2 to 2.3 percent of their body weight in feed per day. The daily ration cons... Read More »