How much alfalfa pellets do you feed a 1300 lb. horse?

Answer The amount of alfalfa pellets you feed a 1300 lb. horse depends on whether it is easy-keeper, regular-keeper or hard-keeper. An easy-keeper requires between 19.5 lbs. because they maintain their we... Read More »

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How much is horse feed?

Horses are animals that require large amounts of food due to their size and work load. Horse feed costs vary considerably depending on the quality of feed and location of the feed supplier.Daily Ro... Read More »

How to Feed a Horse?

"Dr Green" is still the best feed stuff for horses.Feeding a horse can be confusing. There are a large number of different feeds available and no two horses are alike. The amount and type of feed g... Read More »

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Traditional methods of heating your home such as electric, gas and oil can be very expensive. There are alternative sources such as wood and corn pellets. These alternative sources of fuel are both... Read More »