How much alcohol should I drink my first time?

Answer First time, I'd say 4 drinks should be your limit -- you don't have much weight or tolerance. A drink would be a regular strength beer, or a shot (45mL) of 80 proof liquor. I would not reccomend ... Read More »

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How long should you not drink alcohol when doing a pre-employment alcohol test?

Alcohol is completely eliminated from a person's system after about ten hours. A person scheduled for a pre-employment alcohol test should stop drinking at least eight hours before the appointed ti... Read More »

Which Matters Most When You Drink Alcohol: Spacing or How Much You Drink?

When drinking alcoholic beverages, spacing the amount of time between the consumption of drinks is important because the body can only metabolize one drink per hour. But nothing has greater health ... Read More »

People who drink alcohol all the time.........................?

You will find that about 85% of recovering alcoholics have a substantially higher than average IQ with far higher than average earning capacity than normal folk, this is of course provided they are... Read More »

Im only 22 and have cancer from alcohol and tobacco use. Should I tell my family I dont have much time left!!?