Tecate Beer Ingredients?

Answer Tecate is a Mexican produced lager that possesses light flavor, comparable to other Mexican beers sold in the United States. While its ingredients are traditional (water, hops, barley) the percenta... Read More »

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Why does the alcohol in beer affect me more quickly than the alcohol in spirits?

Ethanol (alcohol) gets absorbed by our bodies at the same rate whether it's beer, wine or spirits. Period. Your perception is that beer is effecting you faster. That's nice!⟣

Does ginger beer contain alcohol?

Some ginger beers contain small amounts of alcohol. Ginger beer fermented and brewed with yeast typically has an alcohol content of 2 percent or less. Modern, non-alcoholic versions of ginger beer ... Read More »

How many units of alcohol are in one bottle of beer?

One unit of alcohol, a measurement used mostly in the United Kingdom, equals 10ml of pure alcohol. This is found in half a pint (8 oz.) of beer. A 12 oz. bottle equals one and a half units of alcoh... Read More »

Does alcohol give you a beer belly?