Can I still drink this Mike's Hard Lemonade?

Answer Bottled stuff doesn't go bad. It keeps for years. Flavor quality may slide downhill after enough time but with Mike's Hard Lemonade, who could tell? It's one of those products where everything t... Read More »

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Is mike's hard cranberry lemonade made with real cranberries?

Lemonade Iced Tea Pink Lemonade Or Water Which would you prefer right now?

In this order:Iced TeaPink LemonadeLemonadeWater

How much alcohol drinking will cause a .08 blood alcohol level and a dui?

The amount of alcohol needed to register a .08 blood alcohol content on a Breathalyzer test varies based upon weight and sex. Additionally, the type of alcohol consumed, liquor versus beer, also ma... Read More »

You need 1350 mL of a 65% alcohol solution. On hand, you have a 90% alcohol mixture. How much of the 90% alcoh?

Now, this is a useful time to look up molarity and concentration and related equations for chemistry. this one can be solved by dilution:65% x 1350mL = 90% x yy = 975mLso 975mL of the stock(90% alc... Read More »