How much alcohol is in 3 a.m. Black Raspberry Vodka?

Answer Made by 3 Vodka, 3 Black Raspberry vodka is 70 proof and has an alcohol content of 35 percent; 3 A.M. unflavored vodka is 40 percent alcohol.Source:3 Vodka

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How to Make a Raspberry Vodka Tonic?

For a tangy drink that will leave you feeling energized, try this recipe for a raspberry vodka tonic!

What mixed drinks can you make with Jager, coconut rum, raspberry vodka& whiskey?

Raspberry vodka can be used to make a raspberry Russian when mixed with Kahlua and raspberry cosmos, made with triple sec and lime juice. Whiskey is an ingredient in mint juleps, manhattans and whi... Read More »

Any other alcohol than Vodka that I can use to soak Bananadine in Please help!?

yes white bacardi will work.any kind of clear spirit.

How much alcohol is in Smirnoff apple vodka?

A 70 cl bottle of Smirnoff Green Apple Twist vodka contains 35 percent alcohol by volume, or ABV, which means it is 70 proof. This equates to 9.9 g of alcohol per 1 oz. of vodka, or a 25 ml single... Read More »