How much alcohol goes into fruit cakes?

Answer Most traditional fruitcake recipes, depending on the size of the cake, call for a few tablespoons to a half cup of alcohol, usually brandy or rum. In the classic method, the chef adds about three t... Read More »

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How much money goes into the making of a CD?

Many consumers have difficulty in understanding why the cost of a commercial music CD is significantly higher than the pennies they pay for a blank CD. The cost of recording an album could easily b... Read More »

How much oil goes into the motor of Ford V8 Flathead?

According to, the Ford V8 Flathead's oil capacity depends on what year model you're referring to. The 1946 through 1948 models held 5 quarts. The 1949 model was the first yea... Read More »

How much oil goes into polyurethane foam insulation?

The latest polyurethane foams are more environmentally friendly than their predecessors, insofar as they contain up to 12% of oil derived from castor or soy beans; the remaining 88%, though, still ... Read More »

How much is the Medicare deductible before Part B goes into effect?

Starting in 2010, the yearly deductible is $155 for Medicare Part B. After you meet the deductible amount, an insurer is responsible to pay 20% of the Medicare approved amount according to the plan... Read More »