How much alcohol does it take for a small girl to get drunk?

Answer Small girl could be a six-year-old, or a 4' 11" nineteen-year-old. In either case, it will take a good deal less than an adult male. We would guess about three beers in the case of the 19-year-old.... Read More »

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How much alcohol will it take to get me drunk?

Your height is a real hindrance to your being able to drink a lot. Drink 3/4 a bottle of Jack Daniels and you will be wasted.

How much alcohol would it take to get me tipsy or drunk?

Five shots of vodka is all the t you need.

How much alcohol would it take for a fourteen year old to get drunk?

-_______- good luck with that. I'm 15, female 5'3 at 128 pounds. I am more average size than you. And my tolerance is zero.... So, for one, make sure they don't spike your drink, two. Id eat a meal... Read More »

Strong alcohol How long does it take to pass out being drunk?

Please read the attached article.It explains in detail how alcohol affects the human body and you should be able to use this as a guideline to describe your book characters ordeal with alcohol.http... Read More »