How much alcohol do you drink per week?

Answer I average a case of beer a day, Minimum....

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How much alcohol do you drink in a week?

I only drink on Saturday nights. But i have no idea how much. Just as much as it takes before:A) i have no more moneyB) I'm passed out on the flooror C) Some one drags me away from the alcohol.It's... Read More »

How much alcohol do you drink in a week Are you male or female And how old?

I am a Femme.750 ml of read wine in 1 week. Every 2 weeks.

Should a woman drink alcohol if she believes she is in week two of a pregnancy?

Answer Hello!!!! If a woman thinks she is pregnant, then NO she should not be drinking alcohol!! It really doesn't matter what week of pregnancy she "thinks" she is in. No amount of alcohol has be... Read More »

Is 9 pints of carling a lot of alcohol for a girl to drink on a week night?

if its before she goes to the pub then