How much air should be put in a bicycle tires?

Answer The amount of air you should put into your bicycle tires varies depending on the bike. To figure out the proper amount of air for your bicycle, look on the tire for the psi (pounds per square inch)... Read More »

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How to Convert Bicycle Tires Into Studded Snow Tires?

To deal with that pesky ice and snow on your bike, you'll need traction. If your wallet is tight, then it's time for some real "MacGyver" style craftiness.

The Difference in Materials Between Car Tires & Bicycle Tires?

There are many differences between car tires and bicycle tires, some obvious, and others, such as Ken Kifer's observation that "bike tires are more expensive per mile than automobile tires," less s... Read More »

How to Switch to Quick-Release Bicycle Tires?

Quick-release bicycle tires revolutionized cycling when they appeared on the scene in the mid-1970s. They can be changed in minutes without tools. A small lever controls removal and installation of... Read More »

How to Switch from 26 Inch Tires to 24 Inch Tires on a Bicycle?

Switching from 26-inch tires to 24-inch tires is not possible or wise unless the bicycle in question has disc brakes. Converting a bicycle with rim brakes from 26-inch wheels to 24-inch wheels is i... Read More »