How much air pressure is required in a 16.9x24 tire?

Answer According to Firestone, the air pressure for a 16.9x24 tire depends on the amount of load you put on the tire; it ranges from 12 PSI for 2,680 load lb., to 28 PSI for 4,400 load lb.Source:Firestone... Read More »

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How Do I Increase the Tire Pressure as Maximum Tire Pressure Goes Up?

A tire's maximum pressure will not change. After all, the maximum pressure is based on the capabilities of the tire and the vehicle it is attached to -- there are no other variables.However, if you... Read More »

How Much Air Pressure Should Be in a Tire?

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How much air pressure is required for trailer tires?

Inflate trailer tires to the pressure (psi) indicated on the sidewall of the tire. Measure the tire pressure when the tire is cold with a good-quality tire gauge.Source:Trailer Tires

How Much Air Pressure Is Required for a 1/2-inch Air Impact Wrench?

One of the first tools that a mechanic should own is an air compressor for the purpose of powering a 1/2-inch air impact wrench. An air impact wrench is arguably the most useful tool in a shop. Usi... Read More »