How much acai berry should you drink?

Answer On One Hand: One to Two Servings Per DayAbout 1,000 mg of acai berry daily is recommended as this dosage provides an optimal amount of antioxidants, fiber, iron, amino acids and healthy omega fat a... Read More »

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Does acai berry antioxidant drink work?

On One Hand: Proven Antioxidant ActivityAcai berry has been popularized as a super food, advertising campaigns claiming the fruit's high antioxidant content has disease-preventing effects. In 2008,... Read More »

How much is acai berry?

One bottle of acai berry can cost anywhere from $8 to $45 depending on where you purchase the product. Acai berry products can be found in health food stores and ordered online and come in several ... Read More »

How much acai berry needs to be consumed to get the benefits?

The acai berry is native to the Amazon region of Brazil. The berry has been used as a food source to indigenous people of the rain forest area for centuries. They also noticed the berry's medicinal... Read More »

How much does acai berry cost at walmart?

depends on where you live. I like Bolthouse brand with mangosteen. It comes in 13 oz. size and it is 2.98 here. I like Bolthouse drinks a lot, very good!!