How much Tongkat Ali should one take?

Answer On One Hand: Dosing SuggestionsTongkat Ali is an active ingredient in many libido-enhancing supplements on the market. When looking at a product label for the exact content of Tongkat Ali, note tha... Read More »

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Does tongkat ali raise the blood pressure?

Reports of human clinical trials have yet to appear, as of March 2010, on whether tongkat ali raises blood pressure. One animal study suggests a blood pressure lowering effect. However, Dr. Ray Sah... Read More »

How much b12 should one take?

On One Hand: Do Not Take Too LittleA deficiency in Vitamin B12 can cause anemia, memory problems, and vision loss. People who follow vegan diets are more susceptible to Vitamin B12 deficiency-induc... Read More »

How much protein should i take?

for building muscles naturally - 5 -6 days a week of weightlifting is too much, you need recovery days, that is when you actually grow. 4 day split program will work great. train a day take a day o... Read More »

How much of a 50 mg adderall should I take?

Just take the dosage recommended by your doctor after he had examined you and determined that you actually needed the drug.Never take a prescription drug that has not been prescribed you.