Girls, what's your best time in minutes or seconds?

Answer That would be less than 3 minutes. I can't remember exactly cause i didn't use a stop watch...but it was under 3 minutes.

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How to Convert Decimal Time to Seconds?

Decimal time, sometimes referred to as metric time, uses a base 100 system instead of a base 60 system. Each decimal hour has 100 decimal minutes and each decimal minute has 100 decimal seconds, wh... Read More »

How can i get fraps for free and more record time then 30 seconds?

You can try this software,…E.M. Game Capture, there is no time limitation .

Every time I leave my computer alone for more than a few seconds it freezes?

You might want to check to see if theres missing files or any corrupted registry files and you might to read this link… i hope that does help you

How to Find Time in Seconds Knowing Distance & Speed?

Time, distance and speed have a tight relationship. The formula for distance is speed, or rate, multiplied by the total time of travel. By rearranging the factors in the equation, you can find time... Read More »