How much Silly String is in one can?

Answer There is more than 400 feet of Silly String in one can, according to the label. An enterprising couple tested that statement in May of 1999. When sprayed out, the Silly String from one can measured... Read More »

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Who invented Silly String?

Robert P. Cox is usually attributed with inventing Silly String, but this is incorrect. It was Julius Samann who invented Silly String, but the concoction was not patented until 1972, when Cox and ... Read More »

How to Get Silly String Out of My Hair?

Almost everyone has had the unpleasant experience of getting goo in her hair or having a child get goo in his hair. Whether it's gum, putty or even dried Silly String, there is a solution for remov... Read More »

What is Silly String made of?

The exact ingredients of Silly String are kept secret. However, the original patent for Silly String lists about two-thirds of its ingredients, such as polyisobutyl methacrylate, hexabromobenzene, ... Read More »

How to Get Silly String out of Your Hair?

Silly string tangled up in your hair can be awful. Here are some suggestions for getting it out.