How much Ritalin will make me lose my appetite?

Answer 30mg would usually have a big effect on your appetite although 20mg could as well if you are under ~120 pounds

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Can energy drinks make you lose your food appetite?

You feel hungry when your brain need sugar (it's energy comes from 99% glucose). Drinking energy drinks will make you lose your appetite because of high content of sugar but it has no positive cons... Read More »

Should i take ritalin or adderall?

There's really not much difference. Both will help you lose weight. If you are the inattentive type though, I think adderral might work better.

Can you get Ritalin without a presciption?

As everyone else already stated, you do need a prescription for Ritalin. It is a controlled drug, so not only do you need a prescription, they send a copy of your accepting the drug to State autho... Read More »

How can I go to sleep on Ritalin?

You are taking it at the completley wrong time of day... Take it in the morning. Around 10am-11am after you eat.