How much Rimadyl should be given per pound?

Answer Rimadyl is a medication administered to dogs for pain associated with arthritis or from orthopedic surgeries. The correct dosage of Rimadyl is 2mg per pound of your pet. Consult a veterinarian befo... Read More »

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What is Rimadyl?

Rimadyl, also known as carprofen, is an anti-inflammatory drug that does not contain steroids. Veterinarians use Rimadyl for dogs to relieve the pain and inflammation associated with canine osteoar... Read More »

Rimadyl Overdose in Dogs?

Rimadyl is the brand name for the anti-inflammatory pain drug carprofen. It is given to dogs to help relieve pain, particularly arthritis pain, and bring down a fever. This type of pain drug is a n... Read More »

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If you can lift it then it's fine. The only thing I'd worry about would be getting too bulky. If that's what you're going for then I guess it's fine, but if you only want to tone and build strength... Read More »

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