How much Ram would i need to run windows xp?

Answer well.. 16 MB is too very little. C'mon maaan.. 16 MB is prehistoric128 MB would do fine.. but it is recommended that you use 256 MB .. if u sure wnna see some good graphics , being handled with eas... Read More »

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What kind of insurance would a small one man roof leak repair operation in NJ need and how much would it cost?

You will need to contact an agent or agents for some quotes on the ratings they also will be best equiped to advise you regarding the risks you should consider in protecting you and your business.

How much would you pay for a windows monitor screen?

£10 to £15screen res 1024 x 768 @50hz

How much RAM do you need to install Windows XP?

You will need at least 64 MB of RAM on a computer to install Windows XP. Microsoft however recommends that you at least run 128 MB though because of the multimedia programs that come with the softw... Read More »

How much RAM does one need for Windows Vista?

According to PC Stats, you need at least 512 megabytes of RAM to run Windows Vista. However, this is only the bare minimum requirement. Two gigabytes will give you the best performance out of Vista... Read More »