How much RAM should a computer have?

Answer Random Access Memory (RAM) determines a computer's performance since it is the working memory. One gigabyte (GB) is needed to run the latest Windows and Mac operating systems; 2 GB is recommended f... Read More »

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How much memory should a computer have?

Your computer's memory needs are based mainly on what you need to be able to do with your computer and what operating system you are using. Windows XP needs 256 MB minimum of RAM (random access mem... Read More »

How Much Hard Drive Storage Should I Have on a Laptop Computer?

You can use your computer to record sounds from your speakers by enabling the "Stereo Mix" recording device in Windows. This technique takes the output that you hear from your computer speakers and... Read More »

Should I have a friend build a new computer for me, or should I go and purchase a new one?

In the good old days I built many computers and saved a great day of money. Today the computer market is so strong you can hardly build better (and obtain legal software) for that which is offered... Read More »

I have norton anti-virus and my computer is slow on boot up should I remove it and what should I replace with?

Norton is a very good antivirus BUT it does use a lot of resources. I personally use AVG free. It works great and it's free. AVG scans and updates every morning offering better protection than N... Read More »